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Minerals & energy

Mpumalanga and Limpopo are also responsible for the bulk of South Africa’s mineral production. Mpumalanga is the third largest coal exporter in the world and Witbank is the biggest coal producer in Africa. Although South Africa has nineteen (19) official coal fields, 70% of recoverable reserves lie in the Highveld, Waterberg and Witbank fields. The province contributes 30% to South Africa’s primary and processed minerals sector. Contribution to the South Africa’s processed minerals export basket stands at 34%. Mpumalanga’s extraordinary variety of mineral resources also includes abundant platinum, steel, chrome, copper and uranium reserves supporting the province’s standing as arguably the most important hub of South Africa’s mining industry. Mining contributes 22.5% to the provincial GRDP.  Within the basket of minerals available in Mpumalanga, there are a number of speciality minerals, such as manganese, fluorspar and antimony that can be used for the production of a number of products such as industrial chemicals, steel, agro-chemicals and refractory materials.  The Nkomazi SEZ could capitalise on its proximity to an export/import port (Maputo) and the availability of alternative energy sources (liquefied natural gas) to promote the local manufacture of these products; the SEZ is also on a main trans-national development corridor “The Maputo Corridor”.