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Our primary mission is to foster the sustainable growth and development of Mpumalanga’s economy by attracting, facilitating and maximizing investment.
Strategically positioned
On the border town of Komatipoort, the Nkomati SEZ offers the investor a multi-sector base of operations along the Maputo Development Corridor, which runs through Southern Africa’s most productive regions.


Nkomazi Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has been formalized to provide a competitive and highly efficient industrial Cluster that position itself as the leading location for Agro-processing, and Logistics services activities within South Africa, in response to investor demand.

The geographical location of the Nkomazi SEZ is its greatest competitive advantage. The Maputo Corridor is bound to develop as the Maputo harbour improves its handling and scheduling capacity. In the event that a second rail line to Maputo, to complement the current rail link, is developed, the shipment of mining products and agricultural produce to and from the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces will increase.

Investment promotion will be complemented by ensuring an ease of doing business in the Nkomazi SEZ through the provision of One-Stop-Shop services, incentives, innovation platform, a competitive and transparent market environment, and timeous and efficient responses to investors’ market requirements.

Key SEZ Opportunities

  • Increased foreign and domestic investment.
  • Rise in production output leading to increased exports of value-added manufactured goods.
  • Employment creation.

  • Transfer of technology and skills development.
  • Creation of economic linkages through supplier development.
  • Regional spread of industrial development.

More about the Location


Projected direct and indirect job opportunities in South Africa as a result of the Nkomazi SEZ are:

In the first year
Over 3 years of construction
per year from the 4th year
Agro Processing
Agro Processing

The abundance of citrus and many other subtropical fruit such as mangoes, avocados, ….


The South African automotive industry includes seven (7) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) with vehicle assembly facilities in Gauteng, the Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal. Export of locally assembled passenger and light commercial vehicles to other African countries has increased to over 90,000 units.

Logistics & transport
Logistics & transport

The state of the South African logistics industry was assessed in the “10th Annual State of Logistics Survey for South Africa” 2013,

Minerals & energy
Minerals & energy

Mpumalanga and Limpopo are also responsible for the bulk of South Africa’s mineral production

 Incentives for businesses locating within the Nkomazi SEZ


Proposed Location

In the border town of Komatipoort in Mpumalanga